What's in a domain registrar?  How do they differ?

What you don't know can cost you hundreds of dollars later. 

Do I have your attention?  Good.

My name is John Harper, and I, like you, are trying to make a little extra money (o.k., that's a lie --- I'm trying to retire) on the Internet.  I thought that domain speculation was a low-risk investment.  I buy a name for cheap, put some content behind it, and re-sell it on eBay.

Good idea, right?  Yes AND No.  It turns out that one of the 40+ domain names I bought real cheap ($6.95, in fact) could not be transferred to my favorite registrar unless I coughed up $200.00!

That was NOT a misprint.  $200.00!  So I figured, "what the heck!  I'll just stay with them and pay the renewal fee."

BIG MISTAKE!  The same registrar charges $30 per year.  For $30 per year, I could register a single domain name and host it for 4 months with my favorite registrar.

So, I says to meself, let's let the name expire, and I'll pick it up on the open market.

STEEEERIKE THREE!  The same registrar does a 90-day "lock" on your domain name, hoping you'll come back and pay their inflated prices. OR worse, they sell your domain name to a big brokerage house who wants $1000 from you.

So I wanted to get even.  I wanted to stop you from making the same mistakes I did.  I wanted you to see what the registrars won't tell you until after you've registered a domain name with them.

Let's talk about the cost of the report before I go on:  It's $9.95.  Yup, under $10.  Not worth viewing the source to see my return URL, is it?  But it will save you from what I like to call the "Ghetto Registrars".  Could I charge more? Yes.  Should I charge more?  You be the judge.  Download the report.  Do your own research.  Then send me your comments.  If the majority say raise it, I'll raise it.  Remember, I'm here to make a little extra money (wink wink).

Download the Report Now!
Download the Report Now!

What is in the report?  The popular registrars, their location, support options (e-mail, web, or live), cost to register and renew domains, and cool options (like DNS control/masking, URL forwarding/masking).  For example: if you have registered names with register.com (my condolences), you've found out by now that you can't redirect your domain name without making a choice.  Choice "A": pay $49 to allow the redirection, or Choice "B": have them frame your redirected site in a hideous ad for their services.

Guess what?  I found a way out of it that doesn't cost a dime.  When you download the report, you will too. Muahahahahahaha!

Download the Report Now!
Download the Report Now!

Special Bonus!

How would you like to get the name of a hosting company that will let you have 15M of space with NO BANNERS for FREE?  When you download the report, I will, in a separate e-mail, give you the name.  Don't abuse it; pay for a few sites, o.k.?

So let's recap:  You are about to download a report that will tell you:

  1. How much your registrar (on the one holding the name you are bidding on) will charge to renew/transfer/register a name.
  2. The charge (if any) for other services like URL forwarding, DNS control, e-mail
  3. How to get around the registrars that charge extra for the forwarding.
  4. Where to find a hosting company that will give you 15M of storage with NO BANNERS for FREE.

What are you waiting for?  Dowlnoad your report today!

Download the Report Now!
Download the Report Now!


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